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We are your one-stop resource for medical coding jobs and health care employment. We gather the latest employment openings for medical coding, billing, auditing and practice managers, in one place. Use the fields below to begin your search or visit our Health Job resources page. If you’re a medical employer, post a job below or consider our other resources for hiring a health care professional. See our salary survey results to find out how much medical coders earn.

We offers the most comprehensive resources for you to find a job in medical coding, billing, auditing or practice management and get experience. Job seekers can search through our job database, network with other health care professionals locally or nationwide through our forums, or join Project Xtern to get real-world experience in the medical coding field.

Important Note: Before pursuing any medical job opportunity, ensure that you have fundamental training and/or experience and have passed one of certification exams.We have added a new section for Training on Medical Coding.


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